Welcome to a Home away from Home for your lil' one  

Hello Parents! Looking for a caring, fun and nurturing environment for your child where they will learn and receive plenty of attention ? Welcome to Lil’ Angels.

Lil’ Angels is a licensed family daycare operated out of Sunnyvale, CA since April 2003. Facilities include a huge yard which serves as a natural playground, nap room only for kids, plenty of indoor play space. We provide fresh vegetarian home cooked meals throughout the day (Breakfast, Lunch, Snack, Dinner). Over the years, Lil' Angels has been recognized and awarded as one of the best family daycare in Sunnyvale.

It has earned the reputation of being more than just a daycare; it has become an extension of the children’s families. Children look forward to spending time at the daycare. Lil' Angels has not only received love from the children but also earned the trust of all parents and grandparents.

Thanks to our satisfied parents, we have been operating purely through word of mouth and references. Parents of our ex-lil’ angels send their children back during their vacations and / or small holidays (spring break, winter break etc.)

Most parents also reserve spots for their second child well in advance.

Awards and Appreciation

 City of Sunnyvale Mayor's Award - 2008

 Certificate of Appreciation by Department of Community Services - 2010

 Certificate  of Appreciation by Department of Library and Community Services – 2011
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